Woman struck over distancing request

A woman in her 60s was assaulted last week after asking a younger woman to step away from her in a Laval convenience store.

Louise Forget was struck in the face, after she asked a woman to back away from her while she paid for items at a dépanneur on Labelle boulevard.

With her husband confined at home with serious illness, Forget told reporters she takes extra care when leaving home, does all errands only once a week and was wearing a mask and respecting physical distancing when she went to buy lottery tickets on July 11.

The younger woman, wanted to pay for a drink and advanced towards the cash. Forget asked her to respect the distance, saying “Sorry but you have to back up. You are too close to me.”

Forget says she turned to speak to the cashier when the woman behind her shouted and cursed at her and punched her in the jaw. The woman, described as in her 20s or 30s and quite large, fled the store and drove away in a white SUV.

Laval Police are investigating but have not yet released images of the incident caught on camera.

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