It was a cold and damp afternoon but that didn't stop a great effort by West Island community leaders Jacquie McGowan of CIBC and Catina Sicoli Masciorta who with the help of Catina’s husband Enzo Masciorta, owner of heavy equipment company Montreal Tractor, collected and delivered two truckloads of much needed clothes, blankets, winter coats and so much more to Diane Gervais at Cabot Square and to Nakuset’s Resilience Project.

Diane is the irreplaceable community organizer who takes care of distributing food and necessities to the hundreds of hungry and homeless who gather there. Jacquie and Catina are no strangers to helping relieve suffering as they have done - and continue to do - as members of the board of the West Island Women’s Shelter. In the second row of pictures Jacquie and Catina went around the Square not only handing out blankets and jackets but even giving out $10 Tim Horton coupons with masks so that those in need could get in.

After handing out what they had brought to those gathered at Cabot Square Jacquie, Catina, Enzo, Diane, Rose and I proceeded across the street to the courtyard of Resilience and left the remainder of the truckloads in the protected enclosure until Resilience opens. The remarkable Rose Cormier - who volunteers with Diane at the Square - climbed up into the enclosure and helped us get the heavy bags over the metal gate.

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