Vaccination of general Quebec population starts next week

Premier François Legault during Tuesday's press conference.

Vaccinations have begun for the general population of Quebec this week, outside of CHSLDs, and those born in 1941 or before have begun registering for appointments as of last Thursday Feb. 25.

The way to register is online at or by calling (toll-free) 1-877 644-4545. Those registering should have their Medicare card on hand. The vaccine is free. As of late February, 365,978 Quebecers have been vaccinated, 3.8 percent of the population.

When you come for your appointment, to you have show your health insurance card. The next groups that will be prioritized will be those in their 70s, and then the general population. The second dose is to be given within 90 days. People with conditions, such as compromised immune systems, will be specifically informed via Quebec government announcements in various media

Premier Legault said. “When we vaccinate people, we will win against the pandemic. Hope is here. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.” Legault said the Quebec population still has to be prudent in the coming weeks.”It will take three weeks before the vaccine takes effect, and we also have to be prudent because of the new variants, which are more contagious,” he added. “If we’re not careful in the next few weeks, we could see cases booming.”

Legault said that if the process goes well, more entertainment venues and religious institutions can open.” Now is stillnot the time to gather, we don’t want to see a spike, a third wave. I’m convinced that by being prudent, we saved lives,” he added.

The website says, “the start of vaccination does not mean the end of health measures. It will take several months to protect a sufficiently large proportion of the population with the vaccine. Physical distancing of two metres, wearing a mask or face covering and handwashing must be maintained until further notice.”

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