UK variant of COVID detected in CSL: Mayor

Écoles Yeshiva Yavne in CSL.

The United Kingdom variant of COVID-19 has been detected in Côte St. Luc, Mayor Mitchell Brownstein told The Suburban Thursday. We contacted the Mayor after discovering a COVID-19 variant has been detected at Écoles Yeshiva Yavne, on the former site of The Suburban on Wavell Road, according to a letter sent to parents and revealed on the Covid Ecoles Quebec Twitter feed.

The feed, which chronicles COVID cases in schools throughout Quebec, reproduces a letter to parents from school director-general Lucienne Azoulay. The letter says a variant of COVID-19 was found among students in the Secondary 4 girls’ class.

“By order of public health, this class has been closed for two days already and will remain so until after the spring break,” the letter adds. “To take further precautions, we will close all the secondary girls’ classes for the next several days.”

We contacted the school, and were told the letter to parents was sent Feb. 10. Contacted by The Suburban, Brownstein said he is in regular communication with Dr. David Kaiser, the doctor in charge of environmental health at Montreal’s public health department, regarding the issue.

“I can confirm that the UK variant is in Cote St. Luc emanating from several areas, not just one particular school,” the mayor added. “Santé publique is contact tracing diligently and ensuring quarantine of all individuals affected. The most important advice for everyone is to follow all health precautions strictly; hand washing, wearing masks and physical distancing and, most importantly, getting tested immediately on feeling any symptoms. The UK variant spreads much quicker than the original strain and needs to be identified as soon as possible in order to advise others who may have been in contact with a carrier.”

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