This is one of the faces of this tragedy. It is a story just broadcast by Don Lemon on CNN and deserves to be shared far and wide. It is from a doctor at Brooklyn General Hospital. He was treating Covid victims. One of his patients was a 100 year old Hasidic woman. She had pneumonia in both lungs after being struck by the virus. There was little more to do for her and the doctor was trying to process her out so she could die at home. Her son called the unit to ask about his mother. The doctor took the phone and told the son to please call back because everyone was drowning taking care of a surge of incoming patients. The son called back a half hour later. The doctor told him,”Sir I’m afraid she’s not doing well. She will not do well. She is one hundred years old and has pneumonia in both lungs. And she is now unconscious.” The son asked for a favor. The doctor was afraid he was going to ask to be allowed in to say goodbye. But he didn’t. He said to the doctor,” I understand. It’s alright. But it is very important that I say a prayer over her. Could you bring the phone to her ear?” The doctor, in the midst of the surge, was about to say he didn’t have time. But he wrote in a post that something in him made him go over to the woman and put the phone close to her ear. At that moment he noticed numbers tattoed on her arm. And at that moment her son starting reciting the Shema - the prayer of unity - through tears and sobs. The doctor then wrote that for a moment everything seemed to stop and for a moment he felt connected to things outside that ICU. For a moment he felt there was something else....

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