The Quarantine Podcast

Photoshopped get together of the comedian trio

A podcast initiated by Canadian comedians was recently set up with the goal to discuss daily news and events while offering comic relief to people amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. It can be described as a sort of pandemic journal logging Covid-19 related events and information updates to viewers with a twist for entertainment in the era of the unknown.

Comedian, self proclaimed cat lover and loyal member of the Frozen 2 fan club, Santi Espinosa, who was seeking personal entertainment while in quarantine, told The Suburban that the podcast was initiated as a means to share the fun with everyone while respecting safety measures due to the Coronavirus. “We started the podcast not only for the purpose of entertaining others but also to do something fun with close friends.” he said.

Comedian, comedy producer, tv show host and web specialist, Ali Mohammadi was quick to join on the fun. Keeping a positive outlook during this difficult time is a struggle for Ali, but he insists on persisting with an attitude that will spread a ‘feel good’ sentiment to others. “I am happy to have gotten a haircut before March 12th. All the hair growth pills that I have taken over the years are coming back to haunt me. I should have just gone bald.” Ali told The Suburban. “I am eager to see what we will look like after 30 days of this.” he said.

Comedy producer and family man, Sid Khullar, jumped on the bandwagon with his two long time friends to contribute to the podcast in hopes of offering information and comic relief to viewers. “A podcast is meant to be fun and informative. The world needs comedy now more than ever.” he explained to The Suburban.

A comedy favorite, Sugar Sammy, made an appearance on the online podcast last week and the comedian-trio promise to present more fun and entertaining guests as they move forward.

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