Taco Bell closing all Quebec locations

The Taco Bell location on Côte Vertu in St. Laurent.

This past Friday, CJAD talk show host Elias Makos declared that there were no Taco Bells in Quebec.

I, and apparently several other CJAD listeners, sprang into action and texted CJAD. I have known for years that there was at least one Taco Bell in Quebec — on Côte Vertu in St. Laurent. I ate there just once. (That was enough for me.)

As the show proceeded, other listeners weighed in, including one who said that while the Taco Bell sign was still up in St. Laurent, no Taco Bell products were being served. Google indeed says that the location, shared with Kentucky Fried Chicken, is "permanently closed."

I won't miss it.

Finally, Elias Makos Show content producer Marissa Ramnanan directly tweeted Taco Bell Canada, seeking a definitive answer.

"Our listeners on the @eliasmakos show on #CJAD800 need to know!" the message said.

Taco Bell Canada tweeted a reply: "Our Quebec locations are closing. We love all of our Québécois fans and hope to see you again soon." Makos said Monday that even Taco Bell's official response was inaccurate — the locations in Quebec are already closed.

As was pointed out on CJAD, the closest Taco Bell locations now are not far across the border into Ontario, in Hawkesbury and Cornwall. The chain first opened in the West Island in 2007.

Reports also say the chain experienced some hardships in Quebec, including names in French and a French-language part of the website. Possibly for the same reason there are no Bed, Bath and Beyond stores in Quebec.

Taco Bell's French slogan was "Sauve un pain à hamburger. Mange un Taco."

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