Pandemic had effect on St. Laurent waste management in 2020: report

St. Laurent recently released the results of its Waste Management Plan for 2020.

That year, said Mayor Alan DeSousa, "St. Laurent’s administration continued its major efforts in waste management in pursuit of the ambitious objectives it had set. Nonetheless, the pandemic has had tangible effects on the residents’ lifestyles.

"Accordingly, our annual report presents significant variances in the monthly data corresponding to the lockdown periods," he added. "For example, starting in the spring, the tonnage of organic and bulky items for repurposing increased, respectively rising by 21.04% and 32.47 %. At the same time, a 3.01% rise was noted in household waste, as was a 4.03% drop in recyclable materials. The year ended with a 4.42% increase in waste collected in all categories combined, and we have no doubt that these variances are due to the current situation and that deconfinement will bring these indicators back in line. What’s more, a major step will be completed this fall with the launch of organic waste collection for buildings with nine or more units and the ICI volunteers.”

Other highlights:

• "The landfill bypass rate in Saint-Laurent is similar to the rate for 2019, or 36%."

• "A total of 36,619 tons of recyclable materials, all categories combined was collected in 2020 compared with 35,069 in 2019, representing a 4.42% increase."

• "The tonnage of organic waste collected tremendously increased by 21.04%, climbing from 4,367 tons in 2019 to 5286, which attests to the interest in gardening and cooking triggered by the pandemic."

• "The tonnage of bulky waste for repurposing considerably increased, reporting the biggest lift with 1,228 tons in 2020 compared with 927 tons in 2019."

The borough statement says that "despite the challenges of the pandemic, the St. Laurent administration, like all borough residents, demonstrated their commitment to remaining an exemplary community and a model to follow with respect to waste management."

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