St. Laurent Mayor tables 2019 borough financial report

Photos related to highlights of the 2019 St. Laurent financial report.

St. Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa tabled the borough's financial report for 2019 at the July council meeting last week.

"The year 2019 was marked by several achievements relating to our strategic plan and several public actions and positions in favour of the environment and sustainable development," he stated. "Accordingly, a new step was completed to extend beyond awareness and accompany the population through the transition to action."

Highlights of 2019 included:

• "The organization of the first Eco-citizens’ Rendez-vous."

• The "unveiling of the key orientations of the biodiversity corridor."

• "A 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gases on the territory since 1990.

• "The arrival of self-serve bicycles and cars."

• "The opening of the Mixlab at the Bibliothèque du Boisé."

• "The renovations at the Bibliothèque du Vieux-Saint-Laurent and the inauguration of the active trails network for seniors in the Chameran sector."

• "The 79,322 requests processed by the Bureau du citoyen."

• "The 896 housing units striving for LEED Silver certification approved by the Advisory Committee on Planning; the 816 new trees planted; the $318.6 million in building permits; the $842 million in investments by businesses and the 125 businesses newly established in Saint-Laurent."

As well, the surplus of expenses over income for 2019 was $4,054,500, and the total 2019 management surplus was $5,753,900.

The 2019 portion of the 2019-2021 Capital Expenditure Program Budget included:

• "Street infrastructure development in the new Jean-Gascon nighbourhood." ($5.3 million)

• "Continued development of the Éco-campus Hubert-Reeves." ($500,000)

• "Repairs to electromechanical equipment at the borough hall." ($800,000)

• "Renovation of the Bibliothèque du Vieux-Saint-Laurent on de L'Église and the Raymond Bourque Arena." ($2.7 million).

• "Repairs to the baseball diamond in Parc Saint-Laurent,  renovation of the play area in Parc Bourbonnière and various projects in Parc Guillaume-Bruneau and Parc Urgel-Archambault." ($1 million)

• "Repairs to the pumping stations at Brunante basin and landscaping around the basin and along the neighbouring trails in Parc Marcel-Laurin." ($600,000)

• "Repairs to residential sidewalks and streets." ($1.2 million).

• "Continued transition to LED lighting on the Hydro-Québec poles and start of work on the light standards in Parc Harris and Parc L’Archevêque." ($600,000)

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