St. Laurent hits record in building permits

The planned Sotramont 2335 des Equinoxes project in the Bois Franc sector.

The borough of St. Laurent issued a record number of building permits in 2019 — a 53 percent increase ($138 million) from the year before, for projects totaling $398 million.

Mayor Alan De Sousa announced the new numbers at the recent public council meeting, and added that most of the planned residential projects aim to attain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification.

DeSousa attributed the increase in building permits to his administration’s planning efforts devoted to the residential and industrial construction sectors.

“In our sustainable development goals, we want to stimulate the economy on the one hand so as to create jobs and, on the other hand, bring workers closer to these new jobs to limit the distances needed to travel and the resulting inconvenience,” the Mayor said, citing the planned light rail station in the St. Laurent industrial park. “Our administration must foster harmonious and viable development in these highly sought after sectors.”

More specifically, building permits for the residential sector increased $76.7 million, more than 63 percent, for a total of $197.6 million. Among them are three projects in the transit–oriented development around the Bois-Franc station, which will include 487 new units of housing, along with some commercial space, for a value of $88 million. The project is being built by the companies Montclair, Sotramont and Vertex.

Also planned is the first phase of a project carried out by the Jadco corporation, comprising 185 housing units for a value of $37 million on Cavendish Blvd; accommodations for the Congregation of the Sisters of Sainte-Croix on Côte Vertu, comprising 170 units for a value of $ 27.5 million; and a mixed-use $3.8 million building on the Décarie Blvd. commercial artery, including 18 housing units above a ground floor commercial project.

For the industrial sector, there was a 106 percent increase in building permits for a value of $122.6 million, including “two major expansion projects on the St. Laurent campus of Technoparc Montréal completed by the Néomed Institute and Vantage Data Centers Canada — these LEED certification projects will represent investments of more than $40 million; and the ongoing major industrial redevelopment project at the former Sears warehouse on Thimens Blvd., totaling more than $24.4 million, which will have a green, Lufa Farms, roof.

“This is excellent news for this building located near the future St. Laurent biodiversity corridor, “ DeSousa said.

In the institutional sector, St. Laurent’s growing demographics is resulting in the expansion of Cardinal-Léger School with a site valued at $ 15.6 million; and the Raymond-Bourque arena is “currently undergoing a facelift valued at some $23 million.”

“This excellent assessment confirms what my colleagues on council and I, as well as each St. Laurent resident, already knows — our community has the wind in its sails,” DeSousa said. “Through its ambitious and innovative orientations, it is proving to be prosperous and welcoming and attractive, as much for new families as for large employers. Through our strategic planning, we intend to do everything possible to continue this growth.”

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