Rapid COVID-19 tests are being set up at Montreal-area schools

Rapid Covid tests are coming to Montreal-area preschools and elementary schools, the Quebec health ministry announced.

The Panibo tests, which are capable of providing results in 15 minutes, will be given out in classrooms where at least one student tested positive for COVID-19.

Each student will then be tested — whether or not they are showing any symptoms. However, since teachers in Quebec have a higher vaccination rate, they will not be tested as frequently as the students. 

Testing will be introduced to schools in Montreal North, Parc-Extension and Saint-Michel, "where the epidemiological situation is under surveillance due to the lower vaccination rate of the general population," according to the Ministry.

Despite this, however, the approach may be adopted in other areas as the epidemiological situation evolves. The Ministry stated that this measure is “intended to be an additional tool to control the transmission of COVID-19 in schools in order to reduce the risk of outbreaks and to minimize classroom closures.”

As of Wednesday, 61% of Quebec’s active outbreaks occurred in schools and daycares. 

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Complete tyranny, leave our kids alone, cases means nothing...this is not science


Increased testing will yield increased cases. The correlation is simple and predictable. It will therefore increase the likelihood of outbreaks. The resulting quarantines will decrease the prevalence of herd immunity. In reality, the goal of this "tool" is to increase vaccination rates, regardless of evolving scientific information. It's being launched in areas of low vaccination rates as a way of "catching" unvaccinated families and subjecting them to government-mandated scrutiny. Additionally, it's priming the market for the launch of the youth dosage. Pro-vaxxers will applaud the initiative. Anti-vaxxers will boo it. A tiny minority of apolitical pragmatists will continue to watch in horror as an already overreaching government continues to arbitrarily confound science to support draconian policies.

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