Quebec rolling out vaccinations to all adults

Health Minister Christian Dubé at Thursday's press conference.

Quebec, on a gradual but very rapid basis, is rolling out vaccinations for all adults in the province, Health Minister Christian Dubé announced.

“This is a great day in Quebec, the sky is starting to get sunny,” Dubé said. “The vaccination campaign has been a success, thanks to the staff of all the health networks. We are going to open up vaccinations to the general public. I know Quebecers have been very patient.”

The Minister said that within two weeks, all adults will be able to make a vaccination appointment. Starting, April 30, all Quebecers 50 to 59 years old were able to make an appointment on the Clic Santé website.

Every two or three days after that, the age eligibility to make an appointment will drop by five years — 45 to 49 May 3, 40 to 44 May 5, 35 to 39 May 7, 30 to 34 May 10, 25 to 29 on May 12 and 18 to 24 years old by May 14.

“With the deliveries of vaccines we’re receiving right now and which we’ll receive in May and June, we will be able to give a first dose to all adult Quebecers who want one by June 24,” Dubé said. “Quebecers have to continue to be there to be vaccinated. Victory is within our reach.”

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