Protest will call for disallowance of Bill 96

A previous protest against Bill 96, held at Girouard Park, on Oct. 24.

A protest is planned to call for the federal government to use its powers to disallow Quebec's proposed new and extensive language law, Bill 96.

The gathering will take place 1 p.m. Dec. 5 at Girouard Park in NDG, near the cenotaph located close to Sherbrooke Street West near Girouard. A previous protest against Bill 96 was held at the same location Oct. 24.

"Disallowance must be used for Bill 96 and all Canadians must insist upon its use," say organizers Hugo Shebbeare and Irwin Rapoport. "It was last used in 1943 when Alberta passed a law banning the Hutterites, a religious group, from purchasing land in the province."

They are also asking Quebecers to join "The Committee to Disallow Bill 96."

The demonstration is being held Dec. 5 "due to the speed of the committee hearing reviewing the amendments to Bill 96, an act to strengthen Bill 101, the Charter of the French Language, and the possibility that Premier Legault and his CAQ government may invoke closure to pass Bill 96 as early as December 10."

They say the proposed legislation is a "flagrant assault upon the rights and freedoms of millions of Quebecers and is a direct and unmitigated attack upon the English and cultural communities in the province.... This legislation must be stopped, be it before it is passed, or after it is passed by the National Assembly and receives royal assent."

The protest will be socially distanced and participants are urged to bring their masks.

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