Covid 04/06

Premier Legault today again thanked Quebecers for being so “diligent” in following the government’s isolation guidelines. He pointed out that today’s figures give some cause for thinking we may be seeing some, ”light at the end of the tunnel.” He also reported that the system now has a ten day supply of personal protection equipment up from eight just two days ago.

M. Legault underlined that the rise in total positive tests was 300 less than yesterday and stands at a total of 8580. There have been 121 deaths. 533 have been hospitalized and he noted that this was a rise of only 8.

ICU saw a rise of ten for a total of 164. Mr. Legault said that if we could have, “several days like this in a row,” we would have, “real cause for optimism.”

When asked why Quebec didn’t adopt the Swedish model of herd immunity rather than lockdown and isolation and Sweden’s numbers are as good as ours, Premier Legault answered that aside from our concern for seniors, Sweden didn’t have a large metropolis like Montreal where population density plays a large part in community spread.

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