Woman assaulted

Bystander video courtesy CTV Montreal.

Dora Quintero Sanabria, a 53-year-old Montrealer, has filed a complaint with Montreal Police against a police officer she alleges threw her to the ground because she lowered her mask outside as she was exiting a metro station on Oct.5. The alleged incident occurred at the Georges-Vanier metro station in Little Burgundy as she was returning home from work.

Her complaint states that a police officer, standing outside the station, confronted her, and accused her of not wearing her mask while inside.After explaining, and receiving disparaging remarks about her French,she turned to leave.

She then alleges that the officer grabbed her phone out of her hands, threw it into a nearby bush, and tackled her to the ground. The dress she was wearing rode up, exposing her underwear, and she claims that instead of helping her cover up the officer cuffed her and put his boot on her still-exposed hip, pinning her to the ground while he searched through her bag for ID.

Bystander video provided to the family and broadcast on CTV, shows police lifting Quintero Sanabria off the ground. She says she suffered a number of injuries including a bruise on her right hip. After some 25 minutes, Quintero Sanabria says she was released without a ticket.

Fo Niemi, executive director of the Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations, says that,”The officer made some remarks about her French, which we think is an indication of bias. The situation escalated from there. “

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