AMD Medicom donates 500,000 masks to Quebec food banks

Medicom’s plant in St. Laurent.

The Pointe Claire-based preventive and infection control product company AMD Medicom has donated 500,000 masks manufactured at its Borough of St. Laurent plant to Banques alimentaires du Québec (Quebec food banks), the company announced late last week.

“The remarkable work that [Quebec food banks] have been doing since the start of the pandemic has made a difference for many Quebecers who found themselves unemployed overnight and for families struggling to make ends meet,” stated Guillaume Laverdure, Chief Operating Officer of Medicom. “It is therefore with great humility that we are donating 500,000 masks that we produced in Montreal to support the [food banks] in their honourable mission of providing food assistance to vulnerable populations.”

The St. Laurent plant is mostly dedicated to producing masks to fulfill Quebec provincial and federal contracts.

“The pandemic has put additional pressure on the daily operations of our members who want to ensure the health and safety of their employees, volunteers and beneficiaries,” stated Véronique Beaulieu-Fowler, Banques alimentaires du Québec’s Director of Communications and Philanthropy. “We are very grateful for this donation from Medicom, which will allow the network to continue to focus on its primary mission of addressing food insecurity in their region in a safe and secure manner.”

As well, because of COVID-19, Medicom could not hold their annual global gathering in Montreal. The resulting airfare and hotel accommodation savings were donated to World Central Kitchen, “an international NGO that fights food insecurity around the world.”

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