Pilot project for CHSLD agreement

More than a third of residents at the private Laval CHSLD succumbed to Covid.

A new pilot project is being launched in the approach to harmonizing residential centers and long-term care facilities (CHSLD) across Quebec to ensure a quality of care and services that is comparable in all establishments, public and private.

The parameters of the project must still be agreed to with the owners of the private CHSLDs targeted as stakeholders, the criteria relating in particular to the quality of care and services offered, the adequate presence of human and management resources as well as the conformity of the buildings.

Three sites were targeted to start, depending on certain characteristics which make it possible to validate the processes before proceeding to a larger-scale deployment. These are the CHSLD PNC Côté Jardins and Jardins du Haut-Saint-Laurent in Quebec City and Résidence du Bonheur in the Saint-François district of Laval (where more than a third of residents perished last year due to Covid.”

The three CHSLDs are bound by a confidentiality agreement in the process, considering that the finalization of the first stages of the pilot project will have to be approved by the Conseil du trésor.

“The pandemic has come to shed light on appalling situations that we want to correct by entering into agreements with private CHSLDs” said Minister responsible for Seniors Marguerite Blais.

“We are putting in place the necessary conditions to offer the highest quality services throughout Quebec, in a uniform manner, for the sake of safety and quality of life for the people lodged.”

The CHSLDs with different reception capacities are located in two separate territories where the COVID-19 pandemic had significant consequences. These pilot sites have already agreed to purchase spaces with facilities (CISSS/CIUSSS) in the public network within the framework of partnerships. A prior assessment of the buildings’ conformity at the three sites will be carried out.

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