Kai and Noa

Kai and Noa showcase their logo.

Build It Forward emerged from the philanthropic siblings Kai, 7 and Noa, 13,  of Côte Saint-Luc.

"We are collecting Lego pieces to have washed and packaged and sent off to underprivileged children and children affected by COVID-19," said mom Andrea Mendell.

Given the global pandemic, where social distancing and being in quarantine have become the norm, children from around the city are stuck inside. Children require daily mental stimulation, which may be difficult for those who have limited access to activities to pass the day. Providing children with the opportunity to build and expand their imagination via the world of Lego, is the main mission of Build It Forward.

The non-profit fundraiser aims to collect used Lego® from donations across the City of Montreal. Those who would like to contribute but don’t have Lego, can make a monetary donation, whereby 100 percent of the funds will go into buying new Lego. All donated Lego will be sterilized, packaged and delivered to the appropriate communities in need.

Donors should make sure all Lego pieces are separated. If you are dropping off a set,  label the bags accordingly. It’s not necessary to bring it in a box, a printed version of instructions in the bag will do. If you don’t have any Lego, but would like to donate towards purchasing go to https://www.nelliefoundation.ca and donate. Tax receipts can be provided upon request.

This initiative is being supported by the Nellie Philanthropy Foundation.

The drop off will on Sun. May 31 (10 am to 1 pm) at the Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre near the IGA.

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