Parent leadership welcomes announcement of extended closure

The groups representing parents of children in Quebec’s English and French public schools are welcoming the government's efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus in Quebec and understand the decision to extend the closure of schools.

In a joint statement, the Federation of Quebec Parents' Committees (FCPQ) and the English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA) lauded the announcement of closures and the promise of tools for parents.

Premier François Legault and Education Minister Jean-François Roberge announced today that schools will be closed until May 1, 2020; end-of-year ministerial exams are canceled; the missed school period will not be repeated; and tools for parents are forthcoming ahead of March 30 to help their children maintain their gains and keep them engaged. There will be no new learning during school closings, and activities will be optional.

“The ministry has assured EPCA that English educational tools will be put in place to help support parents whose children attend English language schools,” said EPCA President Katherine Korakakis. "We appreciate working with the Minister, the ministry and education partners during this tumultuous period, to find solutions to reduce the anxiety levels of our children and parents.”

Academic success has always been prioritized, said FCPQ president Kévin Roy, “but we are currently living in an exceptional situation during which everyone's priority must be the health and safety of our fellow citizens… We are committed to relay parents' concerns and recommendations and ensure that the measures in place are accessible and equitable for all, and for students with special needs in particular.”

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