No new word on bilingual Bell Centre concession signs: Staviss

Nearly a year after Bell Centre officials told Hampstead lawyer Harold Staviss and the late Côte St. Luc councillor Ruth Kovac that there was some movement towards adding English to their currently unilingual French concession stand menus, Staviss tells us nothing has yet changed.

At the time we heard of the planned change, in March of this year, no specific time was provided when it would take place.

Staviss alerted us last week there was no change. He wrote last month to Noala Beattie-Dagenais, manager of box office operations, that “you indicated that the translations for the menus were in the midst of being done, but that there was no definite date for completion. You equally indicated that perhaps the English signage would have possibly been ready prior to the end of last season, but most probably would be up at the beginning of this season, but were non committal. Our last contact was during the first few days in April.

“I was at the Bell Centre about a week or so ago and was quite taken aback that once again, English menus were non-existent and nothing had changed since last season,” he wrote. “What a shame that the Bell Centre continues to totally ignore and disrespect non-francophones at the concessions, notwithstanding that I would estimate that there are a fairly high percentage of non-francophones, both locals and visitors from outside the province, that attend events at the Bell Centre. Seven months later and no progress whatsoever. This is just not right.”

We e-mailed Beattie-Dagenais Dec. 4 and await a response.

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