Residential average property tax stays same in 2021 CSL budget

CSL council during the Dec. 21 budget meeting.

Côte St. Luc's property tax will remain the same in 2021 as last year for the average residential home — a house, condo or townhouse, it was announced at a special budget meeting.

That means for a home valued at the average $545,000, the tax bill will still be $5,459.

However, this year, there will also be a $50 tariff for single family homes and a $100 tariff for duplexes for the purchase and distribution of black garbage bins.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillor Steven Erdelyi, who presented the budget, thanked treasurer Angelo Marino and other city staff for their work.

"This has been a very difficult year," Brownstein said. "We're in a pandemic and our revenues had to be reduced in certain areas, because we offered services, particularly recreation services, for free. We had some additional expenses due to COVID, but with the assistance of provincial government funds that were sent to all municipalities, we were able to have a balanced budget with a zero percent increase for the average family residence."

Other facts from the 2021 budget:

• The city's local budget is $46,819,750 for 2021, up from $45,549,300 in 2020.

• The net contribution to the island-wide agglomeration for such services as fire, police and transit is $28,448,600, the same as for 2020.

• The total increase in budget expenses (including agglomeration and local) is 3.66%.

• According to the valuation roll, "the value of residential homes (house/condo/townhouse) in CSL rose by 14.2%, however, the combined value of all residential properties, including apartment buildings, rose by 14.8%. The value of non-residential properties in CSL rose by 7.8%."

• The total 2021 budget (local and agglomeration) amounts to $75,268,350, compared to $73,997,900 for the 2020 budget.

• Among the local expenses is a new one (water distribution- lead service lines) amounting to $490,310. "A new budget has been established to cover expenses related to water service line made of lead," the budget presentation says. "Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerated water testing for homes with lead service lines will start in 2021 and will be completed in 2022. A $50 rebate to purchase water filters will be repeated in 2021 and a new rebate of $200 will be available to homeowners who purchase an under-sink filtration system in the areas affected. 

• CSL received a Quebec Municipal Affairs ministry grant of $2,963,620, of which $1,345,700 is to be used in 2021 — $944,500 to offset an increase in the agglomeration expense increase to bring it down to the same level as last year, $376,200 to make up for a revenue shortfall due to COVID and $25,000 to make up for an increase in expenses due to COVID. "The balance of the grant ($1,617,920) will be used in 2022 to cover additional agglomeration apportionment and COVID-19 related expenses."

• Capital investment priorities for 2021, amounting to $12.6 million, include "sewer sleeving, road resurfacing and sidewalk repair projects, traffic lights and LED street lights, parks and public spaces, renovations to the Public Works yards, the arena/Singerman Park Chalet building envelope, and a replenishment of the Public Works aging vehicle fleet."

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