New Town space

The Town of Mount Royal and CDQP Infra announced this morning the creation of a public space in the heart of the municipality to unite its town centre.

TMR’s town centre has historically been separated by a railway track; access to either side of the track is possible via the Graham and Cornwall road bridges. With these bridges, the future Réseau express Métropolitain and the new public space, a whole new living space will be created to allow for the efficient, safe and appealing movement of residents, covering 23,000 square feet in the heart of TMR.

“It’s a great day for Mount Royal,” said Town Mayor Philippe Roy. “Successive municipal governments have dreamed of uniting the eastern and western sectors of the town centre for several decades. With this public square, we are literally creating a new citizen space in the heart of Mount Royal.”

Different development scenarios can be envisioned (park, square or plaza) to optimize integration with the Town’s core.

CDPQ Infra executive director Harout Chitilian said the REM’s transformation of the area represents an opportunity for municipalities. “The collaboration between Town of Mount Royal and CDPQ Infra is an excellent example, where we were able to seize an historic opportunity and create urban developments integrated above a century-old railway track that split in two the core of Town of Mount Royal.”

TMR’s investment is $6.5 million, with the balance integrated into the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec’s $6.3 billion project costs.

The plan includes a dalle park between the Graham and Cornwall bridges; the junction of the public space in front of the entrance of the future Mont-Royal station at Graham bridge, to create a sense of harmony and fluidity; and removal of the walkway planned for the intersection of Lazard and Jasper avenues. The new space will be strategically located in relation to the main streets, and a temporary walkway will be installed at the intersection of Lazard and Jasper to maintain access to the area during the construction period and up to the opening of the permanent lines.

TMR will be responsible for developing the dalle park with CDPQ Infra maintaining ownership of it and being responsible for maintaining it over the coming years.

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