New health measures at Trudeau Airport

Trudeau airport in 2019.

New and extensive COVID-19-related “Travel with Confidence” health measures were announced for Trudeau Airport by Aéroports de Montréal on Friday, the result of consultations with provincial and federal health authorities.

“In addition to the upcoming opening of international and transborder borders, and in order to prepare the facilities to handle a greater influx of passengers, a series of additional measures will be implemented at various strategic points along the terminal’s route,” says the ADM statement.

For those arriving at the airport:

• “Only entrances 4, 11 (departures level) and 25 (arrivals level) will provide access to the terminal. These will be equipped with their own health checkpoint. Passengers will be required to wash their hands, answer questions to determine whether they have symptoms associated with COVID-19, and wear a mask. A temperature reading will also be taken at this location.”

• “In order to limit traffic inside, only travellers and employees will be allowed to enter the terminal building. Accompanying persons must remain in their car in the drop-off zone unless they are escorting a person requiring special attention or a minor child. However, they will be subject to the same health checks as passengers.”

As well, “features on will allow passengers to book their services, limiting contact, such as:

• Reserving a parking space.

• Reservation of passage through the security checkpoint for departures of international and domestic flights

In the terminal:

• “Since physical distancing is not always possible, wearing a face covering will be mandatory for everyone upon entry to the airport. Children under two years of age and persons with breathing difficulties, disabilities or unable to remove their mask without the assistance of a third party, will be exempt from this obligation.”

• “Areas where passengers are travelling will be cleaned and disinfected 10 times a day.”

• “Disinfectant gel dispensers will be accessible in the terminal building at each stage of the passenger journey where there will be contact or a need to handle the mask.”

• “Washroom sinks, soap dispensers and hand dryers are automated.”

• “Baggage carts will be disinfected and cleaned after every use.”

• “Restaurants and shops will ensure that all current health regulations are followed. This will lead to a reduced number of seats in the dining rooms to allow for physical distancing.”

When leaving the airport:

• “No one will be allowed to enter the terminal to greet travellers. Only essential assistants or helpers will be permitted to do so.”

• “Taxi drivers licensed to operate at YUL will be required to clean their car between each customer, wear a mask, and wash their hands regularly. Some vehicles will be equipped with a plexiglass screen separating the front seats from the passenger seats. Passengers can make a request to the dispatcher to use one these vehicles.”

• “It should also be noted that YUL is already equipped with self-service check-in kiosks and baggage drop-off kiosks. In the coming months, the use of new technologies will increase the automation of other processes, further limiting points of contact.”

“The health and safety of our passengers and employees has always been our top priority, stated Philippe Rainville, President and CEO of ADM. “We believe that these new measures, combined with the measures already in place and the increased vigilance of passengers, will significantly limit the spread of the virus in our facilities and make travellers want to come back and visit us at YUL. The entire airport community looks forward to welcoming them back.”

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