There are many specialty art galleries in Montreal. But there are few dedicated mostly to the work of one artist. Kandy Gallery Montreal, a magical 5200 square foot space, is one of these precious rarities. It is home to Neil Dankoff’s extensive portfolio of fine art photography. Neil has been named by The Culture Trip as one of Canada’s 10 Best photographers. And the Gallery is now one of the largest solo galleries in North America.

The Gallery opened it’s doors in late 2015. Soon after, Neil received a call from a New York hotelier who was looking for one artist to display his work throughout a soon to open hotel in downtown Toronto (Hotel X Toronto). Dankoff got the job and spent the next two years traveling the world capturing his style of large scale, panoramic images in an attempt to complete the commission. It would end up being the largest fine art photography transaction in Canadian history.

Using a medium format digital camera, Neil creates unique panoramic landscape shots by layering multiple images at varying exposures. Though he is a graduate in film and communication from McGill, he credits the arrival of digital photography for his career. And astoundingly says he is mostly self-taught. His mastery of digital photography allowed him to create platforms that had never been fully exploited before.

He touchingly credits his father for pushing him toward his passion. “My father would often come home from work and catch me watching TV on the sofa. This would infuriate him. ‘Get outside’, he would yell at me. Although this may not constitute creative advice, I later understood what he meant. Experience life, get out there and find your passion.” And so Neil did.

With the Toronto commission recently completed, Neil and partners Derek and Kirsty Stern set their sights on expanding the Kandy Gallery brand to Toronto and just last week opened their second gallery on the ground floor of Hotel X Toronto.

They are also planning on opening a Kandy gallery in Dallas by the end of 2018.

In late 2017, Neil and Derek filmed a non scripted pilot for television. based on their ongoing photography adventures and in March, signed a deal with Buck Productions.

With all of the travelling over the past three years — including Bolivia, Croatia, China, Japan, Iceland, Provence, Paris, Amsterdam,Hawaii and Belgium — Kandy Gallery Montreal will be featuring a new exhibit to showcase all of Neil’s recent work. The exhibit will run from June 1st-June 6th (10am-4pm each day, 5629 Ferrier St. TMR just off Decarie.

Neil’s work can be viewed online at and on Instagram @neildankoff

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