School staff and parents at Edinburgh School in Montreal West are happy with the recent addition of modular classrooms and facilities.

Some 400 students attend the school, even as it is built for 330. The overcrowding situation at Edinburgh, according to media reports, led to staff working in hallways and the transporting of science experiment equipment from class to class.

The media was offered a tour of the new 4,800 square-foot facilities by the English Montreal School Board school’s governing board late last month.

The modular structure contains two classrooms, a resource room and a fitness room.

EMSB director-general Ann-Marie Matheson said the project was a “wonderful collaboration” between the school’s staff, parents and the board, and added that it was the “first time the board has offered modular classrooms as a way to provide extra space in a highly enrolled’s a great model.”

Edinburgh Governing Board chair Michael Rodgers said much work “went into evaluating the different options and getting parent feedback before making our request to the EMSB for the modular classrooms.

“This showed how well we can work together with the EMSB to solve a problem with a positive outcome. Our children’s education is an investment in our future, and we’re very pleased and appreciate that EMSB invested in the modular classrooms. This extra space will better enable us to execute our education plan and enrich our children’s learning experience.”

“We’re really happy to have our science lab back,” stated Grade 6 student Cecilia Samayoa. “We hadn’t had one in several years. It makes such a big difference— many of our friends are much more into science now. Having science in a science lab is so much better than having it from a cart.”

“We love the new fitness room,” stated Ella Joy Langlois-Aalamian. “Now, when it rains or is very cold and we can’t go outside, we don’t have to sit at our desks to do our Phys. Ed if there’s another class in the gym.”

Edinburgh is one of several French immersion schools in the west end. In recent years, parents have stood in line there for days at registration time, as well as at other schools like Royal Vale in NDG, Gardenview in St. Laurent and Roslyn School in Westmount.

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