MoWest adopts its first waste management policy

Montreal West is developing a five-year action plan striving to divert more materials from landfills.

Montreal West adopted and released its first waste management policy, a 15-page document, which will be followed by consultations and a five-year action plan.

The policy is "the result of our desire to respond to the current issues on our territory," says a message to residents from Mayor Beny Masella and Councillor Maria Torres. "With a dynamic population and municipal apparatus, we have begun a strategic planning process in 2019 to ensure a change in culture aimed at better sorting at the source and reducing waste, both at the citizen level and at the municipal administration level."

Their message says the local policy is part of the provincial effort to modernize waste management, and aims to "contribute to the achievement of the objectives targeted by the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government, such as striving for zero waste, increasing the rate of residual materials diverted from landfill, and promoting a collaborative and collective intelligence culture."

The town document says the goals in the 2021-26 action plan will include, amongst many others:

• Reducing the use of single-use products.

"In 2020, the federal government announced its intention to ban certain specific single-use plastic products as of 2021. The Town of Montreal West wishes to further this reflection by considering these products in a global and not individual way."

• Taking action against food waste.

"An important source of organic material, food waste has an impact on economic, social and environmental spheres. It is a major challenge where the involvement of each of the stakeholders is decisive. The City of Montreal’s public consultations results on this topic will be taken into account for the proposal of concrete actions."

•"Deploying eco-tax measures."

"Municipal eco-taxation allows the implementation of the user-pays principle. The resulting financial incentives encourage the adoption of good environmental practices."

• Encouraging reuse, sharing and repair.

"Reuse gives everyday objects and packaging a second life, whether by extending their useful life with a repair, by transforming their original use or following a change of ownership. Encouraging this approach reduces the environmental impact of these already existing goods."

• Educating through "an awareness campaign offering various tools to enable Montreal West residents to adopt Zero Waste habits."

The entire document can be seen at

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