Montreal's Canada Day parade goes virtual

The 2019 Montreal Canada Day parade.

The annual downtown Canada Day parade, a Montreal staple since it was launched by cardiologist Dr. Roopnarine Singh in 1977, will be virtual this year due to COVID-19.

The “parade” will be available for viewing July 1 on YouTube.

“Each group that chose to participate in the parade made their own video of their unique performance,” organizers say. “Be it dancing, singing, costumes, a float, anything that they thought would best represent their group in the ‘virtual’ parade. Some used Zoom or Microsoft Teams to record themselves, so the group doesn’t need to meet. Or they made professional videos of their most memorable years past. All of the videos will be professionally edited together to create Montreal’s first Canada Day ‘Virtual’ Parade. The video will be posted in celebration of Canada Day and the unquenchable Canadian spirit of unity and cooperation.”

Nicholas Cowen, main organizer of the Montreal Canada Day Parade, said this year’s event “is more significant today than ever.

“It offers a non-intrusive way to break down barriers of racism, so we can all see that we are all the same, yet different. This virtual event gives us a showcase to express that sentiment to the world.

“While this year might be different,” he added, “it’s important that we keep up with this event. Every year for decades, Canadians have come from all over to celebrate our unity and our uniqueness. Now more than ever, with the COVID-19 pandemic and racial tensions, we need to appreciate each other as humans, as Canadians, as friends.”

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