Montreal parking rates are double Toronto's and four times Canadian average

Montreal’s parking rates are both exaggerated and punitive. As parking spaces continue to be sacrificed to make way for the single lane streets, bike paths, parks and walking paths — the prices keep moving up. Some 4280 parking spots were removed from 2018 – 2020 for cyclist routes aline since the Plante administration came into power according to executive committee member Eric Alan Caldwell reported. 208 of them generating income for the city. 4072 did not. In Montreal 11,522 street parking spaces are free while 19528 are paid parking spaces

According to the Reseau d’Etalonnage municipal du Canada (REMC) Montreal earned $6,981 per paid parking space in 2019. That’s almost double Toronto’s average revenues of $3,543 per paid parking space according to the Toronto Parking Authority’s Operating Budget notes. The Canadian median is $1,563. There are also the tickets. Confusing signage being one of the main culprits.

Montreal Parking operates 28 municipal parking lots, totaling 3,084 paid spaces. “If you want to park your car on the street in Montréal, you need to pay attention to signage,” the City of Montreal marked on their webpage.

Parking is generally paid on major thoroughfares and shopping streets. In some sectors, parking spaces are reserved for residents if they have a permit.

Some 5,889 bicycle racks (rings) are installed on parking meters in the various boroughs of Montreal. There are no fees associated with the use of these racks.

Free parking for motorcycles is also available from April 1 to October 31 in downtown Montreal.

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