Montreal turns yellow June 14, outdoor proms as of July 8

Premier François Legault at Tuesday's press conference.

Premier François Legault announced at a press conference Tuesday that all of Quebec will be yellow or green zones as of June 14, with Montreal and Laval changing from orange to yellow, and that graduation proms can take place outdoors as of July 8.

Legault pointed out that, on June 8, there were only 150 new COVID-19 cases reported in all of Quebec, as well as only 49 in Montreal.

“The situation is improving and the vaccinations are going well,” the Premier said. “Quebec is one of the best places in the world for receiving a first dose. Quebecers are showing great solidarity and we have to continue.”

Legault added that with Montreal becoming yellow on June 14, bars can open indoors on that date, people from two different households can meet inside homes and outdoor team sports will be allowed. Three days earlier, on June 11, bar terrasses can open.

Regarding graduation ceremonies and proms, “we heard you loud and clear,” Legault said.

He announced that graduation ceremonies where diplomas are handed out can be held as long as distancing rules are expected. As for proms, “we agreed with Public Health that as most young people have received one dose by June 24, as of July 8, there can be proms outdoors with a maximum of 250 people.”

The Premier said the challenge in the upcoming months is for Quebecers to get the second vaccine dose.

“It doesn’t hurt much,” he quipped.

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