Making Black History more accessible

Turnkey history kit responds to dramatic recent events and ensures that teachers have pedagogically sound complete resources to teach.

A campaign has been launched to make a turnkey Black history teaching kit accessible and affordable for all Canadian students.

Creators of The ABC’s of Canadian Black History Kit are responding to 2020’s dramatic events in Race Relations and the COVID-driven changes to learning environments by launching a Kickstarter campaign raising funds to build an online version of the kit, which has been used in several Quebec schools since 2016.

Montreal professor Dr. Dorothy W. Williams, the founder of Blacbiblio, created the kit as a teacher’s resource that addresses the lack of Black voices and stories in Canadian history as well as the lack of accessible, easy-to-use teaching resources. “Combatting the misnomer that Blacks are relative newcomers to the ‘safe haven’ of Canada, the kit’s integrated lessons and activities reveal the history of Black Canadians from the early days of exploration up to the postmodern era.”

“Teachers are thinking hard about what their students will say they were taught during this time of change and awareness,” says co-creator Linton Garner. “The way history has been written and taught does not address the missing voices of our history. By bringing our Kit online, we can ensure that teachers have pedagogically sound, complete resources to teach about the real, historic contributions of Black Canadians to Canada, and equip students to think critically about what’s happening today and tomorrow.”

The Kit is available in English and French and campaign supporters benefit from a rewards program that offers kit resources, workshops and online pilot participation that are equal or greater than the value of their donations. Rewards can be for a chosen school or community program or family learning.

Organizers hope to launch the pilot in schools across Canada for Black History Month, February 2021. The campaign has a $25,000 goal that must be reached by November 2.

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