During the summer of 2016, the borough of LaSalle spent 40% of their 2016 operating budget and changed a key figure in their administration.

Borough of LaSalle councillors appointed a new secretary at their meeting Monday night. Nathalie Hadida takes over the role as of August 11.

Hadida replaces Hellen Dionne who became secretary after predecessor Marc Morin became borough manager in 2013. Morin also served as clerk when he was secretary, but that role is currently held by Pierre Dupuis. Presumably, Chantale Gagnon will continue to serve as substitute clerk as she did under Morin and Dionne, although councillors did not specify that decision in their motion.

During the August meeting, Councillors awarded only $24,000 in contracts, with the majority of those funds going to the Table de development social for their “LaSalle au féminin” project. They advised the public that they will make a motion to borrow 1.6 million dollars to renovate borough hall in a future meeting, however.

Much higher contracts were awarded during their July meeting. At that time, LaSalle borough councillors awarded more than $17 million dollars in contracts, a figure that represents 40% of their 2016 operating budget of $43,563,000.

Charex Inc. got almost $7 million of the total to redo Dollard Avenue between Gloria and Jean-Brillon with AECOM Consultants receiving $266,809.64 for their design of the project.

Sintra got more than $5 million to redo two roads: Champlain between Bishop-Power and Gagné, and Gagné between Champlain and LaSalle. Service EXP got an additional $400,000 for supervising those jobs.

Entreprises de Construction Ventec got $273,408.25 to plant trees and other vegetation along Clement and des Oblats roads. Almost $200,000 went to the Aquadome and another $124,000 went to the new playground installation at Marroni Park.

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