Lachine boaters anchor down to save the marina

“We will never lift an anchor” The Lachine Boaters Association (APPL) is taking a stance to preserve the marina.

Last July, the City of Montreal announced the closure of the marina, to be replaced by a $20 million project beginning in summer 2021. The city plans to convert the marina into a park featuring waterfront activities accessible to residents such as canoeing, kayaking and possibly swimming by 2025.

According to Lachine Boaters Association President Josee Cote, the 450 members of the association were not consulted in this decision. “This is an unequal ‘David vs. Goliath’ battle where the city has the expertise and virtually unlimited resources available to fight any legal challenge brought against its decisions.”

“Faced with the City of Montreal’s relentlessness to challenge all of the arguments of the Lachine Marina Boaters’ Association (APPPL), the APPPL no longer has the human, material and financial resources to continue the fight.”

Cote argues that the city could have consulted the one-hundred year old boaters association and a joint project could have been discussed which would be inclusive boaters.

The marina, self sustaining without investments from the city, generates $200,000 annually. The city’s project will take four years to complete at a cost of $20 million to taxpayers. “The city of Montreal has thus chosen to deprive all Montrealers of sustained, annual revenues, directly generated from the Lachine marina as well as the economic fallout from the many tourists who have always used this marina as a stopping point,” Cote said.

Lachine’s nautical basin is unique in Montreal and the municipal marina located in Lachine is the largest of its kind in Quebec. “The City of Montreal should not gloat with its cavalier decision and the outcome of the situation.” Cote wrote.

“The APPPL will now be undertaking their cause through a strong, political action to make their voices heard and pursue their case.” Cote explained in reference to “Plan C” in which the boaters association suggest a vow to “never lift an anchor.”

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