Ontario resident, Lucy (last name withheld upon request) a healthy mother of two, was ordered to take a PCR test along with her co-workers in early November when a colleague tested positive for Sars-Cov-2. Her result was negative. A few days later she developed an exceedingly high fever and made a visit to the emergency. A doctor diagnosed her with a lung infection and sent her home with an antibiotic and an order of bed rest.

Lucy rapidly deteriorated. The antibiotics were not helping.

She could not eat. Had diarrhea for days. She had shooting pains under her ribcage. She returned to the hospital and this time her PCR test came back positive for the virus. The doctor sent her home with painkillers and another order of bed rest. Nothing more.

Her daughter remained by her side, day after day, tending to her very sick mother. Meanwhile, Lucy’s son was working alongside an Ontario family physician, Dr. Ira Bernstein, who decided to treat Lucy. Bernstein immediately prescribed Ivermectin, knowing its often successful effects,. Two days later, Lucy felt considerably better. In Lucy’s words, “My daughter is my angel, and my wonderful son sent me an angel,” referring to Bernstein, the doctor who prescribed Ivermectin, which she believes saved her life.

Bernstein and many other doctors are extremely troubled as to why doctors are not prescribing Ivermectin. “It simply is not good enough to advise infected persons to go home, isolate, wash their hands, and if they get worse, go to the hospital. With the information now widely available, we need to do better as a country and manage this disease better using therapeutics that have been deemed safe and effective,” says Bernstein.

He has been prescribing Ivermectin, “off-label” as per the FLCCC I-MASK Protocol to several of his higher risk symptomatic Covid-19 patients, and the results have been dramatic. The pioneers of Ivermectin use for Covid-19 are Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory founding members of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) along with Dr. Andrew Hill, researcher, and consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO). Their evidence was presented before the NIH Treatment Guidelines Panel and is now listed as a viable treatment option.

Remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir/ritonavir, interferon, convalescent plasma, tocilizumab, or monoclonal antibody therapy, were not working as well, especially in later phases of the disease. In the face of this, Kory and his team discovered that Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine, had highly potent real-world, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties against SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

They reached this conclusion after a review of a wide range of studies, including many randomized and observational studies. FLCCC found repeated and substantial improvements in outcomes when ivermectin is used both as a prophylactic and in treatment for mild, moderate, and even severe COVID-19 cases. It has proven successful in densely populated regions like India with results so significant lockdown measures have been lifted.

Baffling for some doctors is why Ivermectin is not considered more often in this emergency. Kory, an ICU doctor, says by the time patients reach him they are dying of lung failure. The most devastating part is that these patients were healthy, vibrant members of society. “Ivermectin has the most profound evidence base of efficacy which in my opinion rivals that of penicillin in bacterial infections of the ‘40s. Yet, in 2021 almost no one in the health care system can recognize that, and that is the most illustrative example of mass delusion in the system, and I have no idea how to solve it.”

Advocating for patients is a daily practice for Bernstein as well. It is also the reason he went above and beyond by writing an email to Canada’s public health director Dr. Theresa Tam, to ask what more “sufficient evidence” is required for Canada to recommend Ivermectin as a standard first line therapy. He has yet to receive a response.

Recommended vitamins and minerals can be found on the FLCCC website. Those ill with the virus or have weaker immune systems must ask their doctors for this “off-label” treatment. You can print a copy of the manuscript from the FLCCC site and present this to your doctor. Even with the incoming vaccines, there are no guarantees. Ivermectin as companion to the vaccines is a meaningful solution according to many doctors. One does not need to cancel the other out — it can be both.

In the words of Bernstein, “Dr. Tam, please help Canadians. Effective therapeutics like Ivermectin will help Canadians recover from recurrent lockdowns which are taking huge tolls on Canadian lives.The time is now.”

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I, too, was exposed, got a high fever, brutal body aches and a headache like no other. I had Ivermectin on hand as I had been following the FLCCC Alliance. Within 30 hours, all symptoms were gone. The person who "shared" the virus with me, meanwhile, was hospitalized with pulmonary blood clots for 10 days; he is still walking around with oxygen a month later. This is a sad story about MONEY. The FLCCC Alliance had a video of their Senate testimony. YouTube booted it; they have also been bounced by Facebook. Facebook, for one example, receives about a billion US $ annually from big pharma. Google (owns YouTube) has a venture with Glaxo thru its sub, Verily. Since there is such a huge amount of "investor" and government money riding on the development and success of these vaccines, Ivermectin does not stand a chance. It is off-patent, readily available and cheap. So there is no profit to be made here, only saving lives. Congressional members also take a lot of money from big pharma; this is no secret. The NIH (falls under HHS same as the CDC, BARDA and the FDA), recently begrudgingly upgraded Ivermectin to the equivalent of "neutral". But the FDA, in turn, gave no EUA (emergency use authorization) which is what is needs! By contrast, Eli Lilly's drug, bamlanivimab (monoclonal antibodies therapeutic; brand new) was also "neutral" per the NIH. But the FDA awarded this drug EUA. Why? BARDA awards to Lilly as follows (all US $): $375 mil 10/27; $812.5 mil 12/2; $625 mil 1/26/21. As for certain 3rd Wold countries which might be holding back, my guess is that governments there have already taken money from big pharma who will at some point sell those vaccines to them. Meanwhile, people are suffering and dying unnecessarily. I could give you many more instances of folks whom I know were immensely and immediately helped by Ivermectin while under attack by COVID. We need to push both countries to promote its use, end the pandemic and get back to life as we knew it.


I am so glad you are doing well, Geneva. Ivermectin for the win!

Jo Leduc

At last, some attention in Canada. Thanks to Stephanie Stein, Dr. Bernstein and The Suburban. I have written and emailed Dr. Tam and every provincial medical health officer, without reply (except from BC Ministry of Health just yesterday, to be told the BCCDC is looking into it). It would be good for all concerned Canadians to ask their doctors for a prescription. I did and was put off - told ivermectin supply is a problem. One friend did get it from her doctor, another was refused by hers; a doctor friend is taking it. It‘s legal off-label as far as I know. Canada makes huge amounts of excellent veterinary ivermectin; our government could get human supply going easily. If WHO approves soon, we may still need pressure from patients and their doctors requesting it, to push the government to solve supply issue. (Agree w/Dr. Malthouse too: other simple things can help, especially Vitamin D, zinc, and more. Yet not a word from our health authorities to ensure we all have adequate levels.)


I've been following the supplement part of the I-MASK+ protocol since September. I was also told that Ivermectin was not allowed to be prescribed for COVID in Alberta, so I found a way to obtain some. (Not recommending that, just admitting what I did.) I've been working continually with the public since this all began, and a lot of people seem incapable of keeping their distance. Back in December, one of those people came into where I work, seemed sick but super chatty and social, and also could not control their distance from me. Within 5 days, I started to feel like I was getting sick. Had weird back pain, headache, and chills (no fever). I took the 2 day dose of Ivermectin as outlined by the FLCCC. I felt considerably better the day after the first dose, and all symptoms were gone within 48 hours of the second dose. I honestly don't know if what was coming on was a cold, flu, or COVID, but I'm quite sure that the Ivermectin stopped it dead in its tracks before I had a chance to get truly ill. No one I live or work with got sick in that time, though my husband also took the Ivermectin since we share a bed.

I would be really happy and relieved if Health Canada and the provinces at the very least didn't discourage Ivermectin's use and left it up to doctors and patients to decide. That said, I chose to not be passive about my health as I do have permanent lung damage from whooping cough. I didn't want to take any chances, and am not satisfied with the "chicken soup and come to the hospital when you're choking to death" approach to COVID care. If the medical establishment doesn't want me to self-doctor, then they need to do better.

Stephen Malthouse, MD

It is unfortunate that doctors must use valuable drugs like ivermectin off label in order to help patients. Several meta-analyses of ivermectin use in COVID-19 have shown that 80% of deaths could have been prevented. Of the randomized controlled trials, 100% showed benefit to patients. No more research is required - we know ivermectin saves lives. So now we must ask "Why is Health Canada recommending against its use?" And why have Canadian doctors not been encouraged to use other effective therapies like hydroxychloroquine/zinc/azithromycin? Personally, I believe it is so Canadians attach all their hopes to an experimental COVID genetic modification product i.e. "vaccine", that, if we were not under "Emergency measures" could never be licensed in any country for any age patient group for safety and efficacy reasons. Bravo to Dr. Bernstein for putting his patients first! This type of smart, caring doctor is becoming hard to find these days.

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