International trend "FlashMob" performs in Montreal

The "FlashMob" trend has resurfaced in major cities worldwide. The idea is that groups of artists come together to perform popup dance and music in public places, mainly in busy city locations - including metro stations, plazas, parks or cultural centers.

No publicity is made available as the groups form in secret until the moment of their performance to avoid being shut down. 

A group formed in Montreal this weekend and offered a surprise performance near Place-des-Arts on Saturday morning at approximately 11 a.m. The performance lasted less than ten minutes.

The group expressed that they pride themselves on peaceful and joyful demonstrations of their opinions concerning restrictions on civil liberties. 

"We want to share our joy to live. In the last year, we've heard a lot about sickness and fear. We want to remind people to dance, to sing, to be joyful, to remain healthy," a Montreal musician and performer who goes by Hugo said to The Suburban.

Approximately fifty participants joined together for the performance following the the original choreography that began in France, playing and dancing to a song titled "Danser encore".

The song repeats in French, "We want to continue dancing..Never docile nor really wise, We do not pledge allegiance, At dawn in all circumstances, We come to break the silence, And when in the evening on TV the good king has spoken, come to announce the sentence, we show irreverence, but always with elegance."

As the song was played on a mix of classic, rock and hand drum instruments, dancers flood the agreed upon scene in a choreographed dance, with a few performing independent movements.

Montreal's homegrown FlashMob drew a crowd of about fifty passers-by. Police arrived on site mid-performance and ordered the crowd to disperse at the end of the performance. The crowd complied and no tickets were issued.

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