Interest in travel up 293 percent from 2020, but mainly domestically: report

The statistics in RATESDOTCA's travel survey.

Canadians had a 293% higher interest in travelling during the third quarter of 2021, but mainly for destinations within Canada, than at the same period in 2020, according to a survey by RATESDOTCA.

RATESDOTCA is a "rate comparison website that ...compares the widest selection of insurance and money products in the market." The data in this survey "represent Canadians who completed a travel insurance quote on RATESDOTCA between Q3 2019 and Q3 2021."

Canadians were only able to travel outside the country by air until recently.

"While far from pre-COVID numbers, it's clear Canadians are once again ready to pack up and go, though the destinations they are planning to visit have changed," says a statement from the website. "Interest in domestic travel climbed 330 percent from Q3 2019 to Q3 2021 while interest in international travel fell 14 percent. The report pulls data from thousands of quotes for travel insurance from Q3 2019 to Q3 2021."

The report adds that "while the U.S. remains the top destination, interest in visiting has fallen 66 percent from 2019. Canada has moved into second place, surpassing both Mexico and the UK, with an increase of 94 percent."

These numbers come at a time when there is increasing pressure on the federal government to stop requiring fully vaccinated Canadians travelling outside the country to present the result of a costly PCR COVID test upon their return. The government did so for trips of less than 72 hours, but is now being pressed to cancel the tests for longer trips.

"These numbers indicate we are seeing the beginning of a recovery for the travel industry," says John Shmuel, Managing Editor at RATESDOTCA. "It's clear that Canadians want to travel but are doing so more cautiously than in pre-pandemic times. With continued disruptions such as flight delays and long waits at border crossings, it's likely to be a longer time before Canadians are travelling as they once did. Whether Canadians plan to travel abroad or within the country, it's best to protect themselves with travel insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances, especially considering the current uncertainty surrounding travel."

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