IDF fights back against slanders: Israel Defense Attaché

From left, Gilda Abdulezer, executive director of Israel Bonds/Canada-Israel Securities, Limited — Quebec Region; Tony Loffreda, RBC vice-chairman of wealth management; Col. Amos Nachmani; Israel Bonds New Leadership co-chairs Matthew Azrieli and Israel Steckler; and columnist Barbara Kay.

The Israel Defence Forces are diligently countering falsehoods about their defensive actions, Colonel Amos Nachmani, Israel Defense Attaché to Canada, told an Israel Bonds New Leadership event last week.

The event, hosted by Royal Bank of Canada vice-chairman of wealth management Tony Loffreda, took place in the RBC boardroom on the 41st floor of Place Ville Marie downtown. Many were in attendance, including Israel Deputy Consul-General Rotem Segev.

Nachmani spoke about his work in the IDF’s Intelligence Corps, and about Israel’s defence situation with Iran, Syria, the Sinai and other Middle East hotspots.

During an interview session, National Post columnist, prolific writer and special guest Barbara Kay asked Col. Nachmani if the extremely scrutinized IDF was doing enough, especially on social media and in the mainstream media, to counter falsehoods about its defensive actions against the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

Col. Nachmani agreed that the IDF is the most scrutinized army in the world, pointing out that “Jews are news.

“We do try, in many of our actions— not only in Gaza — to really be as surgical as possible,” he explained. “The reason is not pacifism, but to make sure things stay under the boiling point.”

He added that numerous warnings — phone calls, pamphlets and a purposeful missile miss—are given before a terrorist location is targeted.

“We’re told by other militaries that we’re crazy,” the Colonel said. “Are we doing enough to show this? Even if we are, sometimes nobody wants to listen, but we should still do it. And we are. The IDF spokesperson unit is doing a lot on social media, and we’re engaging in this with the Canadian armed forces, and they’re amazed by what we do with social media.

“We are trying, for those willing to listen, to explain that as surgical as we are, when we need to uphold certain red lines, we do it. We try to make sure that whoever doesn’t have to, doesn’t get hurt.”

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