Hampstead's Jeremy Levi to challenge Steinberg for mayoralty

Hampstead's Jeremy Levi at a council meeting earlier this year.

During the December council meeting, in the midst of being criticized for his position to support the now-defeated plan to demolish 5781-5783 Côte St. Luc Road and replace it with a 10-storey apartment building, Mayor William Steinberg confirmed he will be running for Mayor again in 2021.

“Those who are not happy with how I’ve been running the town will have every option to vote for someone who is running against me, and in all probability, there will be somebody, or somebodys, running against me,” the Mayor said.

At least one “somebody” will be resident Jeremy Levi, known for his “my property, my choice” battle to have the right to redo his home with a prominent flat roof. As we reported at the time, council voted to approve his request, Steinberg vetoed council’s decision, and then the council flipped and voted against Levi’s request.

Levi, a Chartered Professional Accountant, also became deeply involved in helping the No side to victory in the recent Côte St. Luc Road building referendum, enabling its tenants to stay where they are.

Levi told The Suburban, beginning with his roof battle in October 2018, “I initiated my quest for equity in this town, and I believe there’s certain improvements that can be made.

“It’s time for major changes, change for integrity, for honesty, for transparency, and I have every intention of running in the next Hampstead election,” he added. “I’ve done my research for the past year, I’ve done my due diligence and I will continue to do so.

“Very soon, I will officially submit my papers.”

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