Hampstead passes $27,331,896 budget

Councillor Jack Edery during the Dec. 21 Hampstead budget meeting.

Hampstead council unanimously passed a $27,331,896 2021 budget, including local and island-wide agglomeration expenses — at a Dec. 21 council meeting— last year's budget in comparison was $26,298,242.

Councillor Jack Edery conducted the budget presentation. Facts from the budget:

• There will be a combined (local, agglomeration) tax increase of 1.83 percent for the average single family home — isolated, the purely local tax increase is 1.35 percent, below inflation. The total average combined (local, agglomeration) tax bill will be $12,858 for 2021, up from $12,627 in 2020.

• The year 2020 ended within budget, and a surplus is expected.

• The local 2021 budget is $16,272,996, and the year's agglomeration bill for such services as police, fire and transit is $11,283,900, up from $10,978,600 for 2020.

• The triennial capital investment for 2021 is $5,541,900.

• Expected projects include $1.25 million for a new public works building, and $782,000 on the tennis courts — "resurfacing and redoing the irrigation under the surface, putting in new tennis lights, bringing us up to the standards of the best tennis courts," Mayor William Steinberg said. "This is very important. By the time we finish doing this, we will clearly have the best tennis courts on the island of Montreal, and it has to be done because our courts will fall apart if we don't do it."

• Government grants are $838,000, up from $371,000. All municipalities received Quebec government grants to offset COVID-19 expenses.

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