Hydro-Québec releases energy future survey results

Hydro-Québec's downtown Montreal headquarters.

Hydro-Québec released the results of a Collective Energy survey on Quebec's energy future, in which 27,000 people participated earlier this year.

The goal of this first part of the utility's Collective Energy initiative was to "get Quebecers involved in projects to benefit our communities. In the first phase, citizens were invited to complete a survey and submit their ideas to shape Quebec's energy future."

The results indicate that "50 percent of Quebecers want to make transforming our economy with clean energy a priority." The ideas put forward in this category were to "support Quebec's food industry, provide support for green projects (financial, human and material resources for third-party projects), develop renewables and raise Quebecers' energy literacy."

The consult also found that 32 percent of Quebecers "want to make reinventing how we use energy a priority." The ideas proposed in this category were "facilitate customer self-generation, change our construction approaches, change our behaviors (eliminate waste, save energy), tax or reward behaviors and support energy recovery."

The survey results also say that 18 percent of Quebecers "want to make rethinking mobility to make it more sustainable a priority." The ideas put forward were to "accelerate transportation electrification, make more charging stations available, develop public transit and make it more accessible" and "support research and innovation in transportation electrification."

"The energy transition poses considerable challenges, and tackling them requires more than one company's willingness, said Sophie Brochu, president and chief executive officer of Hydro-Québec. "It calls for the drive of the entire population. Quebecers' enthusiasm for the Collective Energy initiative bears witness to the very strong public desire to actively participate and move forward together."

The second phase of the Collective Energy initiative, project planning, will take place this fall.

"Now that the priorities are clear, the next step is to select and develop the most promising ideas and work in collaboration with partners to make them a reality," says the Hydrio-Québec statement. "The initiatives that are selected will be announced in the third phase, in 2022."

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