New gasoline-vehicle sales to be banned in Quebec by 2035

The Quebec government has announced that the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles will be banned as of 2035 in the province as part of the Legault government’s green economic plan.

The provincial government’s objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37.5% below the level recorded in 1990. In order to achieve that goal, a series of measures are being implemented to ensure Quebec’s success in tackling climate change.

Quebec will raise its budget for electric and hybrid vehicles to $1.5 million or 30% of the vehicle fleet and will continue to develop the network of electric charging stations.

Transportation accounts for 45% of greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec, therefore the government’s action on climate change is to target five-million tons of CO2 reduction in transportation alone.

In the interim, the government’s “roulez vert” program which offers an incentive for electric and hybrid vehicle buyers of up to $8000, will continue for individuals and for businesses.

Fossil fuel usage represents 31% of greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec.

The five-year project to convert to electric transportation and switch from fossil fuel to renewable energies in the industrial sector has an estimated cost of $6.2 billion.

“AVEC is satisfied with the government announcement that will ensure a reduction in air pollution linked to the use of gasoline vehicles by ensuring that automobile manufacturers will offer sufficient quantities of electric vehicles in the coming years, and 100% by 2035,” Simon-Pierre Rioux, president of the Electric Vehicle Association of Quebec (AVEC), said in a statement.

Researchers and students have pointed out that Quebec has a golden opportunity to become a world leader in the electric vehicle sector by relying on its hydroelectric network by switching from lithium batteries to “next generation” batteries.

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