Don't hang up

"It would be great if the first song licensed under this new plan would be independent artists.”

John Jordan has a proposition for the CAQ government and its latest salvo to promote Quebec culture in all its official instances.The NDG resident and former saxman and artistic director of iconic Montreal punk ska band Me Mom & Morgentaler wants to serenade tous les Québecois as we hold, sort of, with an idea born in 2017.

“I was on hold with 311 trying to get my recycling bins replaced,” Jordan told The Suburban at his home off the famed Cat Alley Gallery. “I was on for over an hour.” So Jordan penned a song about waiting on hold while…. waiting on hold – and managed to record some of the instrumentals while he was at it. The effort and the long wait gave birth to Tous Nos Agents, a 3-minute-and-17-second track that has since been produced, a joint collaboration of his Osmosis Unlimited and The Kingpins.

Jordan, whose cat Humbert ran in the 2015 federal election, has now pitched the track to Quebec Culture Minister Nathalie Roy. “It's in French,” he says “but it has an English bridge,” something which may torpedo his chances. (He’s also campaigning to get the CBC to adopt his track featuring Mello G: Wake Up in the Morning for Daybreak Montreal.)

Nevertheless, when he heard that a requirement for Quebec content on public voicemail systems was part of new efforts to enforce French language protections, “it was the day I was waiting for for three years!” he laughs. “I've always thought: What if hold music was actually great?”

The song is the second release in his NDG Ska online store, he told Roy. “Since I'm not really a major label, the song hasn't attracted much attention yet. But with your recent announcement of Quebec content for music on hold in utilities, I think it would be an excellent choice. There are even three different versions (ska, reggae and dub) of the song for more variety. I think it would be great if the first song licensed under this new plan would be an independent artist(s).”

Roy’s office responded quickly, her assistant chief of staff Chantal Desharnais stating, “I listened with great pleasure and a certain amusement to the song,” confirming that Tous nos agents has been brought to the attention of the appropriate persons for follow-up.

In the meantime, fans of the song are encouraged to share their thoughts with Roy, says Jordan, if you too, have felt that everything is completely frozen and it feels like the system is all messed up, Don’t hang up : just demeurer en ligne.

To listen to Tous Nos Agents visit

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