CSL tables notice of motion for potential COVID-19 rules

CSL council at Monday night's videoconferenced public meeting.

Côte St. Luc council tabled notices of motion at Monday night's council meeting for potential COVID-19-related rules within the city should the province allow some businesses and schools to reopen as soon as May 25.

Quebec is showing some hesitancy to open that soon in light of recent virus projections and the COVID-19 situation in Montreal, particularly in Montreal North and the eastern tip of the island.

Côte St. Luc has a high senior population, who are especially vulnerable.

The notices of motion could become bylaws, with possible changes, within 10 days of the May 11 meeting, after further discussions internally and with constituents.

"We want to see where we feel, as a council, that we can adopt these rules and make them effective and efficient in the best interests of our residents," Councillor Dida Berku said, adding that the potential rules do not go beyond what is recommended by Quebec's health authorities. "We tabled the notices of motion so we can have an open and transparent discussion before we go further. It's not absolute yet. We want to think about all the options available to us."

Berku read the two resolutions in the notices of motion.

"The first resolution deals with masks and other measures such as installation of hand sanitizers and screening protocols; and to impose the mandatory use of masks in public buildings and facilities, and certain commercial establishments, elevators and common spaces in apartment buildings and condominium complexes," the councillor explained.

She added that the first resolution also "establishes a limit of occupancy for indoor establishments in order to respect physical distancing measures; imposes screening at the entrance of commercial establishments; establishes physical distancing measures in indoor establishments and prohibits outdoor social gatherings; establishes sanitary measures and requirements concerning signage in condominium complexes, and apartment buildings and commercial establishments. Further measures may also be examined."

The second tabled resolution "deals with capacity inside buildings such as meeting rooms, reception halls, places of prayer and/or public gatherings. This is all with a view of respecting physical distancing and reducing the spread of the virus and protection of public health."

The notice of motion is expected to be posted on the city's website, cotesaintluc.org.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein said the city wants to be prepared to make sure local residents and businesses are "ready to succeed and take all steps to reduce the transmission of the virus.

"If you're going to go shopping in a store in Côte St. Luc and you're a customer, you want to feel comfortable before you go in there, you want to facilitate that comfort by providing rules recommended by Quebec's health department... to ensure safety.

"Up until now, our community has done the right thing."

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Quebec, which has been hit harder by the pandemic than any other part of Canada, logged 1,257 fewer deaths than expected between January and March of 2020, according to StatCan. Yet, these knukleheads have their head in the sand and question nothing. The blind leading the blind trying to invent solutions for a problem that does not exist.

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