CSL starts process to allow more tempos

Attendees at CSL Councillor Mitch Kujavsky’s District 5 meeting express support for allowing more temporary car shelters in the city.

Côte St. Luc council began the process last week of potentially allowing residents in most of the city to erect temporary car shelters.

Currently, tempos are allowed if a resident does not have a carport or garage. Several residents with garages were also able to have them by providing the city with a doctor’s note.

CSL Mayor Mitchell Brownstein said the tabling of the first draft bylaw is the “first step in a four-phase process.

“We do have the option of changing zoning bylaws without the whole procedure of registers and referendums every five years, but we don’t want to do that with tempos,” the Mayor explained. “We feel this is an issue some people will be in favour of and some against, and that’s why we want to go through the whole procedure.”

The adoption of the first draft bylaw is followed by a public notice regarding a public consultation meeting taking place before the Sept. 4 council meeting, along with a second draft bylaw to be passed the same day.

“Then there’s a public notice on Sept. 20 to hold a registry, and if there’s signatures in various zones requesting a referendum, then there will be one,” Brownstein explained. “A referendum could be city wide, depending on how many people sign the register, or it could be less; or nobody could sign the register and that would be an indication people don’t care.

“We want you [the public] to let us know how you feel about tempos, and then we will respond accordingly.”

Councillor Steven Erdelyi later said that tempos would only be allowed for single-family homes and duplexes, not apartment buildings.

Later last week, Councillor Mitch Kujavsky asked attendees at his District 5 town hall meeting to raise their hands if they supported allowing more tempos. Most attendees did.

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