CSL residents complain of early morning CP yard activity

The CP yards in Côte St. Luc.

Côte St. Luc residents complained that they were disturbed by early morning noise coming from the CP yards, including idling and the polishing of rail tracks.

There have been numerous complaints of activity from the CP yards from CSL residents over the years.

“Does CSL permit the trains to be polishing tracks so early in the morning?” asked resident Michal Zeitouni on the CSL Ideas Facebook page last week. “Do they have a say? The train parked itself in my backyard and is idling for the past 15 minutes. My entire household woke up.”

Others complained as well.

“This went on for about 18 hours!” wrote Brandee Adler. “We at the Meadows are very angry about CP’s lack of both care and interest in improving their ways! They need to put up properly engineered sound barriers to replace the out of date Frost fence that is currently there. There’s no way that it would meet code by today’s standards!....It’s time to hold CP accountable and remind them that they need to respect all of us.

“CP does not care,” wrote Shab Shattah. “I just moved in near the CP tracks. During the day there is hardly a train to hear or see.But after 11 p.m. till 6 a.m. there are many passing trains and even worse trains coming to a very loud screeching sound in the middle of the night. It is time for the city of CSL to deal with CP.”

The City of Côte St. Luc responded to Zeitouni that the city does not grant permission for CP to carry out activities, “as it is regulated by the Canadian Transportation Agency and Transport Canada.

“That said, we received a complaint about the same activity you are describing and contacted CP today to share the complaint as we believe it was it was over and above what usually occurs during railway operations.

“CP responded that ‘our crews were able to station the grinder in a different area of the yard this morning in order to minimize disruptions for residents.’ We encourage residents who feel the noise is excessive to begin by sending their comments using this form so that CP has a record of the complaint. https://www.cpr.ca/en/contact-us/community-connect-form.”

Councillor Mike Cohen wrote on his blog Monday that "Merrimac resident Charles Guerin is leading an effort to gather complaints. Below are his instructions:

"What we need from people are for them first to email a complaint to CP Rail “Community Connect (Community_Connect@cpr.ca) ,” it’s sort of a help desk for CP Rail. The email should CC: jshecter@cotesaintluc.org on all correspondence, Cote St Luc’s legal counsel." For more details, check out mikecohen.ca.


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