CSL, CDN-NDG COVID cases dropped to new lows last week

The latest Montreal COVID statistics.

Côte St. Lucers were met with very positive COVID-19 news last week— the number of new cases for the period from April 20 to 26 was 25, compared to an also low 39 the week before, according to Santé Montréal.

This past March, the CSL Nord administrative region was designated for an emergency vaccination program for parents of children attending school in that area, as well as teachers and daycare staff. There have also been some three million vaccinations in Quebec in general.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein took note of the trend of declining case numbers in a recent call to residents, saying “our numbers of cases are down, and our ranking as compared to other cities has improved greatly.”

Previously, CSL cases, for at least one week even after the emergency vaccination program began, saw a significant increase in new cases, but the numbers have declined sharply since then. And again, the CSL Nord area is not even listed in last week’s Santé Montréal list of administrative regions.

Also, in Côte des Neiges-NDG, where cases rose significantly the week before, fell greatly last week from 265 to 127. More good news — the Plamondon district, also designated for the emergency vaccination program in March, is not on last week’s list.

New daily case numbers for Montreal in general also declined last week, mainly under 300. In light of this, the Quebec government announced that the Montreal curfew was returning to 9:30 p.m. as of May 3.

In other west end and West Island cities and boroughs, excluding closed milieus:

• In Baie d’Urfé, new cases remained at less than five.

• In Beaconsfield, new cases declined from 11 to eight.

• In Dollard des Ormeaux, new cases increased from 59 to 63, a mirror image of the week before.

• In Dorval, cases declined slightly from 16 to 15.

• In Hampstead, cases increased from less than five to six, another near mirror-image of the week before.

• In Kirkland, cases declined sharply from 20 to 11.

• In Montreal West, as part of a lowering trend, new cases declined from less than five to zero.

• In Town of Mount Royal, cases fell sharply from 21 to 12.

• In Pointe Claire, cases fell from 18 to 14.

• In Ste. Anne de Bellevue, new cases remained at less than five.

• In Westmount, cases fell from nine to seven.

Among the west end and West Island boroughs:

• In Lachine, cases fell significantly from 46 to 29, following a significant decrease the week before.

• In LaSalle, after a significant increase the week before, cases fell significantly from 131 to 117.

• In L’Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève, cases fell significantly for the second week in a row, from 28 to 18.

• In Outremont, cases fell from 19 to 16.

• In Pierrefonds-Roxboro, new cases fell significantly from 95 to 89.

• In St. Laurent, the only west end borough with an increase designated as “significant,” cases rose from 195 to 209.

• In Verdun, new cases fell significantly from 38 to 23.

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