CSL approves funding for traffic data

CSL council at their Sept. 12 public meeting.

Côte St. Luc council, at their Sept. 12 public meeting, approved funding of $55,300, plus taxes, for the awarding of a contract for the "purchase of a subscription to allow for the city to perform a traffic analysis."

The contract was awarded to StreetLight Data.

"This is really great news," said Councillor Mitch Kujavsky. "This is an item that went through the traffic committee, and the money will come from the traffic committee budget. This is a company that will be able to tell us how many cars, where cars are, where pedestrians are; how many people are using our cars, sidewalks and streets. It will just give us a lot of data to be able to prioritize road and sidewalk reconstruction, and give us tons of data that we don't now have. The more information we have, the better we can plan for our infrastructure needs in the future."

Councillor Dida Berku pointed out that the issue of traffic is a "hot topic" in CSL.

"The Streetlight Data will give us better information, for example, who is driving on [the often busy] Vézina, what time, and how much traffic there is," she explained. "With all this data, we're going to have more arguments to present to the powers that be, Montreal or the ARTM, that we need alternative modes to manage the traffic situation in our city, including what's happening on the periphery, on Côte St. Luc Road. I would really like to see some data on the intersections between Cavendish and the Westminster underpass, because there's lights there that in my opinion need to be adjusted.

"I'm looking forward to this information and this is money very well spent."

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