Councillor David Tordjman running for CSL Mayor

Côte St. Luc Mayoral candidate David Tordjman.

In a dramatic announcement just prior to the Jewish holidays, a seasoned challenger has thrown his hat into the ring for the mayoralty of Côte St. Luc.

District 6 councillor David Tordjman announced he will run for Mayor of that city in next year's CSL election against  — thus far — current Mayor Mitchell Brownstein.

Tordjman, a civil engineer and entrepreneur who previously ran as a Conservative in the Mount Royal riding, has announced he will form a municipal party and that the "recruitment of dynamic, dedicated and diverse candidates is already under way."

Usually, CSL council candidates run as independents.

“I am announcing my candidacy for the November 2021 election because I want to get started on working towards a better Côte St. Luc," Tordjman stated. "It is a city in full evolution. We are a vibrant, diversified, unique community made up of seniors, young families, entrepreneurs, small businesses and ethnic groups from all walks of life. It’s time our leadership reflects that.”

Tordjman pointedly made his announcement in his district's Mitchell Brownstein Park, named after the incumbent.

“Many residents I speak with, from all districts, are tired of the status quo, apathy, lack of enforcement of the rule of law and crumbling infrastructure," Tordjman stated.

The candidate contended that the local average lead concentration in water issue, which came up last year, "is a prime example of a problem that should not take 15-20 years to resolve,” and he promised to do so in his first mandate.

As well, "the poor state of CSL Road affects most families, and a city administration should take charge of the issue rather than pass the buck on to other municipalities or advise citizens to petition other councils."

Tordjman added that “it is our responsibility as elected officials to ensure the health and well-being of our community. We must correct the dismal state of our infrastructure as well as ensure transparency and accountability. This is what I have consistently promised and delivered over the last three years.

"Whether it is about lead levels in our water, main roads that cannot be repaired, or how things work at city hall. I cannot stress this enough— residents should be informed!”

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