Coderre introduces St. Laurent election team

Mayoral candidate Denis Coderre introduces his St. Laurent and Montreal North election teams.

Montreal Mayoral candidate Denis Coderre introduced his Ensemble Montréal election team last week for the St. Laurent borough.

His Thursday morning press conference also included the introduction of his team for the Montreal North borough, which includes Christine Black for Mayor, Chantal Rossi and Abdelhaq Sari for city councillor and Jean Marc Poirier for borough councillor.

The St. Laurent team includes current Mayor Alan DeSousa, running for a sixth term; incumbent city councillors Aref Salem and Francesco Miele, and Côte de Liesse incumbent borough councillor Jacques Cohen.

Newcomer Annie Gagnier, who has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, real estate development and finance in the fields of architecture, town planning and banking services, wants to succeed longtime councillor Michèle D. Biron in the Norman-McLaren district.

“The borough of St. Laurent is proof that it is possible to combine economic development and the environment,” Coderre said. “The borough, which has won numerous awards, has also become a benchmark at this level. Residents can count on candidates who have a deep knowledge of the borough and who are able to overcome any challenge by pushing innovation even further.”

DeSousa says his own work “has only just begun. I still have plenty of ideas in mind so that the borough will continue to stand out through innovation. I intend to continue working so that St. Laurent becomes the place of choice for young people and families while preserving the magnificent diversity that distinguishes the borough.”

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