City finances projects fighting food insecurity

City is financing the regional expansion of NDG Food Depot’s Boite à lunch program, which teaches teens to cook and build nutritional knowledge.

The NDG Food Depot is the recipient of a $243,467 grant from the city of Montreal to expand its Boîte à Lunch workshop program, thanks to a project by the Direction régionale de santé publique de Montréal and city in support of regional initiatives targeting populations vulnerable to food insecurity. The program helps young people learn cooking skills, build nutritional knowledge, and forge healthy relationships to food, while reinforcing food security for their families.

The city is granting more than $1.83 million to various organizations dedicated to fighting food insecurity, poverty and social exclusion, and along with the Quebec Social Initiatives Fund (FQIS), the city is granting Moisson Montréal $374,000 to enable it to ensure its food supply activities for various organizations, as well as $250,000 to the Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montreal for its 211 team to fight, monitor and follow up with persons facing food insecurity.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated social inequalities,” says Ahuntsic city councillor Nathalie Goulet, responsible for social inclusion, sports and recreation, the status of women, homelessness and youth within the executive committee. “More than ever, we must unite our efforts to come to the aid of the most vulnerable people. This is a collective responsibility.”

The aid will provide financial support for 12 projects, including 8 fully financed by the city, intended for the population living with food insecurity or at risk of living from it, and which are part of a continuum of the fight against food insecurity.

Other projects financed by the city:

Distribution alimentaire de Montréal-Nord: Bonne boîte futée, $248,337

La fabrique des mobilités Québec : Eco-friendly delivery, $157,336

Sun Youth: Feeding hope during the pandemic, $184,802

Regroupement des Magasins-Partage: Cultivating solidarity and feeding hope, $250,000

Les Petits frères des pauvres: Fighting food insecurity and malnutrition of seniors, $126,058

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