Chronically ill, essential workers, 55+ with AstraZeneca next to be vaccinated: Dubé

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé during the April 7 press conference.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé announced Wednesday morning that the next category of people who will receive vaccinations are those who are chronically ill, essential workers and those who are 55 and over who want to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine will begin tomorrow, April 8.

"The vaccine is safe, but people are hesitant," Dubé acknowledged, in light of some reports of blood clotting in Europe following the vaccine amongst younger people. "If people already have an appointment for a later time, they can cancel that and replace with it with the AstraZeneca appointment at specific walk-in clinics," which will be listed on the Quebec government website.

The other priority group, known as Category 8, is only on the island of Montreal — they are people 60 years old and under who have a chronic illness and who go to a hospital to receive treatment, such as kidney dialysis, or are followed by a doctor for that illness. This will begin Monday and the vaccine will be administered by the doctor who treats the patient.

The next priority group, known as Category 9, are essential workers, also only in Montreal, who are especially susceptible to contracting or spreading COVID, such as firemen, police officers, school staff, daycare workers, prison guards, and those who work in slaughterhouses. They can start making appointments Friday and can do so on the Clic-santé website. Proof of employment will be required when vaccinated.

Each of the two above groups is made up of 150,000 people.

As well, it was announced Wednesday that masks have to be worn in the workplace at all times, beginning tomorrow, April 8.

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